Research Vision - Core Strengths - Opportunities

Research Vision and Goals

Intelligent Vision is the use of visual signals to provide feedback for control and decision processes.

Research Vision: Intelligent automation and control through artificial vision.

Research Mission: Integration of mathematical control theory, computer vision, applied statistics, and machine learning.

Research Philosophy: The underlying philosphy of the group emphasizes the benefit obtained from a control and dynamical systems theoretic analysis of systems whose inherent design relies on information-rich sensory processing for autonomy.

Research Goals: The goals of the intelligent vision and automation laboratory is to enable autonomous control and decision processes through the application of mathematical control theory. The principal focus of the group is to understand the fundamental connection between control and computer vision as it relates to feedback processes where vision-based sensors play an integral role in generating the feedback signal. More generally, the group seeks to understand how to achieve robust and faithful autonomy in the presence of dynamic and uncertain elements.

Research Objectives: To become a leader in the R&D areas constituting intelligent vision and intelligent vision proper.